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BLN24 has played a pivotal role in modernizing the US Census Bureau through its innovative solutions for Census Data Archiving and Transmission. With the ability to ingest data from 80 interfaces, BLN24 has streamlined the process of parsing and storing over 300 million responses and 5.5 billion events, ensuring efficient data management for the Census Bureau. BLN24's cutting-edge technology has facilitated the seamless transfer of data to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for long-term archiving, enabling the Census Bureau to maintain accurate and secure records for historical and statistical purposes. 

By leveraging BLN24's advanced capabilities, the US Census Bureau has been able to enhance its data management practices and improve the accuracy and reliability of its data archives. BLN24's expertise in handling massive amounts of data has significantly expedited the process of storing and transmitting census data, resulting in more efficient operations for the Census Bureau. The collaboration with BLN24 has empowered the US Census Bureau to modernize its data management practices, ensuring that valuable data is preserved for future generations while adhering to stringent archival standards set by NARA.

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