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Learn about our story and what us drives us to succeed.

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Carry a commitment to yourself, your teammates and your clients at BLN24 to think bigger and do better.

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Actively hone your expertise and find ways to better embrace challenges.

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Motivate your teammates and clients with a positive attitude and strong work ethic.

Our mission

Our mission is to empower our team to be the best version of themselves and in turn doing the same for our clients.

Every job at BLN24 is grounded with a team-first mindset, in an environment that elevates through a culture of growth, innovation and purpose through creating impact.

A Better You Is A Better Us

We push the limits to overcome challenges to achieve unreached value, all while establishing deep relationships.

Our approach requires deep focus on the problem while using any necessary capabilities to overcome the challenge. If the problem isn’t solved, the job’s not finished.

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A team empowered by passion

Brian Nguyen

Co-Founder, CEO

Jomar Ronquillo

Co-Founder, Partner

Kathleen Mahan

Chief Growth Officer

Jeff Artis

Senior Manager

Jerri Limer

Vice President

Mary Mitchell

Senior Researcher

Eric Ma

Capture Manager

Steve Ehoue

Senior Project Manager

Shawn de Lopez

Art Director

Jason Johnson

Director of Communications

Yuni Yoshida

Project Manager

Dennis Hoang

Project Manager

Michiko Nozaki

Editorial Content Specialist

Roy Bowen

Senior Web Developer

Odell D. Eldridge

Graphic & 508 Specialist

Erik L. Richardson

Graphic & 508 Specialist

Michael W. Jones

Graphic & 508 Specialist

Doug Kiester

UI/UX Designer

Favi Villa

UX Designer

Andrew Huang

Visual Communications Specialist

Mohammed Alshalchi

Sr Quality Engineer

Calvin Androwski

Quality Engineer

Tommy Buckley

Quantitative Social
Science Researcher

Louis Irving

Quantitative Social
Science Researcher

Franklin Braun

Senior Technology Developer

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