Digital Platforms

We specialize in budget-friendly, user-centric digital platforms for federal agencies, enabling rapid transformation.

BLN24 is leading the charge in elevating digital experiences for our clients. Our specialized expertise lies in developing budget-friendly, user-centric digital platforms that cater to the unique needs of federal agencies. With a keen focus on rapid transformation, we empower our clients with cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that drive efficiency, effectiveness, and impact. From designing intuitive user interfaces to developing seamless workflows, we create digital experiences that prioritize user satisfaction and drive meaningful results. Our team of experienced consultants combines strategic vision with technical acumen to deliver customized digital solutions that optimize performance and enhance the overall experience for our clients. Choose BLN24 for elevated digital experiences that transform your business and drive success in the digital era.

Human-Centered Design

Utilizing a people-focused strategy is an important aspect of problem solving, as it works to enhance the user experience by considering the needs and views of those using the product.

Configuration & Governance

Highly-trained professionals, versed in the particulars of each platform technology, ensure successful implementations by utilizing approved configurations and approaches which have been tested on enormous platforms. These methods guarantee scalability and safety.


We can rapidly and efficiently move your applications to the cloud with our certified resources who are trained in reference architectures and migration methods that have been approved by our vendor partners. Our Agile approach allows us to test the target solution along the way, ensuring each step of the process is done correctly.

Change Management & Training

Creating a successful transition to new digital platforms and workflows requires effective methods of preparation, support, and assistance. Individuals, teams and whole organizations can benefit greatly from helpful approaches that ensure smooth adoption.

Results Beyond Imagination