Development Security & Operations

We work towards successful mission capability and organizational transformation by bringing together development, operations, and security professionals, embracing cultural change for impactful strides towards success.

BLN24 specializes in providing integrated DevSecOps solutions that drive successful mission capability and organizational transformation. Our approach brings together development, operations, and security professionals to create a seamless and collaborative workflow that enables efficient software development and deployment processes. We understand that embracing cultural change is critical for organizations to achieve impactful strides towards success in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape. Our team of skilled consultants work closely with our clients to align their development, operations, and security teams, streamline processes, and implement best practices. From automating security testing to integrating security controls into the development lifecycle, we ensure that security is at the forefront of the software development process. Choose BLN24 for comprehensive DevSecOps solutions that drive efficiency, agility, and security for your organization's software development journey.

Development & Systems Integration

From creating customized architectures to integrating existing and new hardware, our expertise lies in constructing complex information systems. With the implementation of both packaged and custom software solutions along with effective communication strategies, these systems are brought to life.

IT Operations

We revolutionize your technology infrastructure, allowing you to reach the success necessary to accomplish your business objectives. This advanced suite of services optimizes all aspects of your tech network and provides a secure framework so that operations run smoothly.

Cloud Infrastructure Engineering

Our infrastructure and networking solutions enable our customers to utilize private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions on leading platforms with optimum connectivity, optimization and control.

Test Automation

Optimize the efficiency and accuracy of corporate procedures with automation & validation. Speed up the deployment of enterprise applications by utilizing a versatile Test Automation Platform.

Application Security

It is essential to ensure security when defending against potential threats like unapproved access or manipulation. Authentication, authorization, encryption, logging and application security testing are all effective solutions that should be utilized.

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