Arturo Property Analytics



Arturo uses a proprietary aerial and satellite imagery API to capture home property data and analyze potential risks. Arturo was concerned about the user experience and information architecture on their old website. Their old website drew visual interest, but didn't accommodate the how, why, or what of Arturo. It was our mission to marry insightful content with visual interest unlike any of their competitors. Our goal was to increase user engagement throughout the website, increase conversions, inform users of Arturo's values, and increase the user experience.


We first performed a UX and UI audit of their old website in order to understand the audience and their individual journeys. We needed to identify how to connect with their users to quickly give them what they need and leave them with a positive experience with Arturo.

Our audit yielded four large areas of concern: the homepage did not speak about solutions or value, the value and technology was hidden, there were no calls to action to guide users through their journey, and the overall Ui did not immediately indicate what Arturo provides to its customers.

We setup stakeholder interviews with the CEO, CTO, and CSO of Arturo to gather a better understanding of the problems needed to be solved from a customer and business perspective. These problems were validated with proceeding user interviews, in which we spoke to three Arturo customers to understand their roles, expectations of a home property data website, and expectations of Arturo.

BLN24 took to the skies and incorporated the innovative cool factor that Arturo embodied in their culture. After multiple rounds of user testing, we honed our redesign with a fluidity that tackled all areas of focus. The website now fixates on Arturo's values, technology, and solutions—guiding their audience with relevant CTAs that increase conversions and close. Arturo has realized increases in lead generation and more data to help support sales qualification and conversion.




September 4, 2020

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